I left my native Australia when I was far too young to know any better and have since lived in Japan, England, Israel, Switzerland, France, Pakistan and Fiji. I’ve always been reluctant to blog because I’ve questioned why anyone would want to read about my life when they have their own to be getting on with. But now I know someone who wants to remember the random things that I get up to and think about… Me.

I’d love to know how that 20-year-old girl felt when she waved goodbye to her family and stepped aboard a plane bound for Tokyo. And exactly what went through the mind of a 30-year-old woman watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai, knowing that her decree absolute was at that very moment dropping through her letterbox.

But all I have is hazy and rapidly fading memories, each of which is twisted and distorted through the prisms of time and subsequent experience. Writing this should help to keep my memories in some sort of order for the wizened 90-year-old woman that I’m planning to become.

And now that I’ve gone from fulltime to freelance, the world and all that I might write about have truly become my playthings…


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  1. So important to write down our experiences because memory is fickle and faulty. I wrote down an amazing experience my daughter had once when she was about 20 (she called and told me on the phone soon after the event). Years later I mentioned it to her and she had no memory of the experience! Only as I refreshed her mind with my recounting did she vaguely recall…

    1. Ah, Gail, your daughter’s lucky to have you and your trusty pen in her life! I so wish that I’d started my blog years before I did… Oh well, at least memories will be preserved from now on!

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