Spoken word recordings

(Some of my posts are now available as spoken word recordings here. I’m working on recording all of them. This will give you some insight into why…)

My Dad loves listening to audio books. Dad’s a busy man – he gardens, he paints, he makes beautiful things out of wood and he looks after his own and other people’s houses – and while he’s doing all those things that keep him busy, he likes to listen to books.

About five years ago, Dad asked me if I remembered which was the first audio book that he’d ever listened to. I didn’t remember. He told me that it had been a recording of Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha which I’d made for him. I’d completely forgotten, but once he’d reminded me I had vague recollections of having sat, pre-digital days, of course, with a tape recorder and a microphone, reading and reading from Hesse’s wonderful book until I’d read it well enough to present it to Dad as a gift.

Audio books are so very much better than they used to be and I couldn’t possibly try to compete, now, with the quality of sound recordings available to the listening public. Having been reminded, though, of Dad’s pleasure in listening to the spoken word, it occurred to me that perhaps he and others like him might be more inclined to make time for my musings if they could listen to them while they got on with doing other things.

And so begins a new project –making sound recordings of each of my blog posts so that my Dad can do a jigsaw puzzle or make a beautiful wooden nativity set or plant parsley in his garden while at the same time hearing the latest meandering thoughts of his second-youngest daughter. I’ll add to these recordings as I get around to sitting down with SoundCloud to make them.

The first one, a recording of the post I wrote on February 7, 2014, entitled Alone on a Bridge, Unmolested, can be found here.

These are not being recorded in chronological or any other kind of formal order… A friend mentioned yesterday that she hasn’t read my Johnny Depp story so I’ve recorded that one next… You can hear me give all the gory details here!

The subject that has attracted the most comment since I started this blog is that of infertility. I’ve recorded the four posts I’ve written on this subject and they can be found, in order, here, here, here and here.

2 thoughts on “Spoken word recordings

  1. Ooh, Michelle, this is just wonderful! I thought I would listen to one or two to get a taste of it, but you had me hooked from the very first (the raunchy and hilarious Mr Depp story). I was glued to my headphones. You read so beautifully! You had me laughing out aloud, snorting at the naughty bits, and wiping tears at the moving lines. What a pleasure to be read to, instead of reading for oneself. Well done, you!

    1. Thank you so much, Estelle! I really enjoy making these recordings but I’m fairly aware that I’m doing it just for my own pleasure as you’re the only person ever to comment on them… Thank you so much for the positive feedback!

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